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Tuesday – Brunch

Posted in recipes by gwenlearns on April 5, 2011

This is what happens with sleeping in and lack of proper planning:

Is the scone vegan?  No… but the drink is!  If you give into the temptation that is Starbucks, you can order a vegan latte, avoiding the myriad of serious health issues that come with consuming dairy (do your research… dairy is not a health food!).  Do I feel guilty about eating this meal?  No… perfection isn’t and will never be my goal (here’s a good reason why).  But it’s good to know that while soy milk is still somewhat processed and not in it’s “whole food” form, it is much less risky to your health and just as available as cow’s milk!

So since this is not homemade, I’m just going to pull the nutritional information from Starbucks’ website (including the ingredients in the pumpkin scones).  Here it is:


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  1. Anonymous said, on October 17, 2011 at 1:34 pm

    you can always make your own healthier version of the scones – whole wheat flour, etc. I have the Starbucks recipe that could be adjusted… just sayin’ 😉

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