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Posted in Uncategorized by gwenlearns on February 2, 2012

Been thinking about changing the look of my place, and thought I’d share some sources of inspiration.

1. Etsy

Click here to see my favorites on Etsy.  I love searching “upcycled” or “recycled” and just being in awe of the way that people re-purpose things.

So my mom collects this green depression glassware, and I recently discovered that they have this pretty light purple color (which was originally clear/colorless and has since been turned purple by the sun).   And NOW…. I like it even more because I googled it and found some people who get really upset over the fact that this antique glass has been “nuked”.  Not sure I’ll ever collect anything, but if I do, I could see myself starting with this controversy-laden lavender glass.

This is what I envision my new living room to look like:

2. Dreamy Whites

A minimalist version of shabby chic.  Maria, the creator of this blog and these photos has this style that I’m in love with!

3. Houzz (iPad app and website)

A great app and website for ideas and brainstorming.  It’s pretty much just thousands of interior design photos.  On the app, you can easily tag pictures to an “ideabook” to save for later.  On the website, I suggest using the search feature and  just browsing.

4. Urban Outfitters (Apartment stuff)

Back when Allison was my roommate, I found this magazine on our coffee table one day.  Ever since then, I’ve been checking out their apartment section for inspiration.


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