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Posted in recipes by gwenlearns on April 20, 2012

Sweet Potatoes and Broccoli…

Dr. McDougall (who I kinda see as the “grandfather” of the plant-based diet) has been known to say that if you really want to make things simple, just eat sweet potatoes and broccoli for a while.  You wouldn’t believe how much nutrition you can cover with these two veggies!

I just started using cronometer this week… it’s this food diary on steroids.  I love how you can make it fit your diet, unlike other food tracking sites that have built in recommendations that I don’t agree with!   But following the USDA recommendations, I inputed five sweet potatoes and four cups of broccoli, both cooked, and here’s what you get:

5 sweet potatoes + 4 cups broccoli

Do you realize how amazing this is!??!  I wish I could take this space to show you what olive oil, milk, and chicken look like… you just can’t get the same nutrition from concentrated oils or animal foods!

Anyway… off my soapbox now.

So here’s something to dip, pour, or smother over your SP&B:

(based on this recipe)

(chili paste is at safeway or here)

(okay! one more: I like to drizzle this sauce cold over hot food. When sauce thickens the next day, thin it out a bit with some more hot water so you aren’t caking on the heavy sauce)


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