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Fool them all: Vegan Mac and Cheese

Posted in recipes by gwenlearns on April 23, 2012

I usually don’t like vegan recipes that imitate non-vegan recipes.  First, because they contain fake, heavily processed ingredients like soy curls or TVP (ick!).  Second, because they never seem to match up to the original… “it tastes so much like it!”  just doesn’t cut it for me (think The Polar Express and its uncanny valley issues).  Except when it comes to this mac and cheese sauce.

leftovers: my favorite mac and cheese with brown rice rotini


(based on this recipe from VegNews)


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  1. […] Add 1 cup steamed broccoli and some additional water to the blender after making the sauce in this recipe. Blend, then add 2 cups of small steamed broccoli florets and […]

  2. […] This sauce is so creamy and based on my go-to mac and cheese sauce. […]

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