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Posted in gwen learns by gwenlearns on May 8, 2012

Tonight I write in a quiet apartment. I can hear the sounds of the AC unit and the fridge’s cooling system, and the occasional car with a messed-up exhaust. As much as I love sitting with the sounds of a good folk song or an acapella choir, nothing can match silence for me. Even in the car… lately I’ve not wanted to turn my car into a karaoke machine or even have the windows down. I don’t feel free. I feel trapped, and my way to survive is to just drive and think.

Yesterday I was in another world. The world of kids yelling and laughing and tumbling. The world of a million questions directed to me. I had a three-day glimpse into the world of motherhood. And I loved it. Even though I broke down to tears in a Target aisle as kids bolted off in all directions. Even though I didn’t have silence, or much thinking time, or time to figure out who I was.

I am a mother. It’s one of my destinies, whether if its with children of my own or not. One of my callings is to be a mother. I am sure of that now.


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  1. recipes4living said, on May 9, 2012 at 3:06 pm

    And a wonderful mother you are and are becoming. May many children rise up and called you blessed, dear Gwen.

  2. Anonymous said, on May 14, 2012 at 3:00 pm

    Being your mother I have had the priledge to watch you interact with many children for some time – yes your future children will be be extremely fortunate to have you as their Mom.

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