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The way thunder sounds… and other things I love about “the city”

Posted in Uncategorized by gwenlearns on August 19, 2014

– The way thunder sounds. It echoes off the buildings and sounds like bombs are being dropped in the city.

– Conversations with strangers.  It doesn’t happen everyday, but occasionally someone starts saying something to you and you don’t mind responding. Sometimes it is drunk people on my walk home, but don’t tell this to my mom.

– Food, languages, colors… all in great variety.

– The magic of the express train, especially when it pulls up as you reach the platform.

– Feeling like the hulk when you pry open closing train doors.

– Running in Central Park

– Walking everywhere

– The peace of a snowstorm and a Sunday morning (esp. the 5am-6am window)

– Union Square Farmers’ Market… on Saturday when it’s crazy, on all the other days when it’s not… I love it.

– Slices… Prince Street Pizza, John’s near Union Square after work.

– Delivery… from pretty much whatever restaurant for no delivery fee. Also, delivery of laundry and basic stuff like paper towels… though I haven’t really gotten that far.

– The ability to find any ingredient you want.

– I love how a place like Chipotle, which seems necessary in other cities, has become quite unnecessary in this city with a wealth of options.

– Broadway. Musicals. Plays. Talented people coming together to entertain and inspire. And the ability to get reasonable tickets if you live on a budget.

– Giving directions to tourists, then realizing you gave them the wrong directions (almost 95% of the time), then chasing them down the street (okay I don’t do this every time).

– Being forced into simplicity because of the size of your apartment and the cost of living.

– Elaborate, ridiculous storefronts. My favorite right now is the life-size purple and black zebra at Alexis Bittar. When I first moved here, they had a turquoise buffalo.

– Community gardens.

– Parks with big trees.

– Parks in general… people sitting on benches. Musicians. Artists. Fountains. Playgrounds. Picnics… it all makes me happy.

– When cafes spill onto the sidewalk and you know spring is coming.

– The difficult game of trying to avoid eye contact with people when the train is packed.

– Fireflies in parks and gardens in the summertime.

– Paper vortexes on the sidewalk on windy days.

– Abandoned, broken umbrellas on rainy and windy days.

– The ability to go places anytime of the day and night, but especially at night.

– The magic of Christmas in New York.

I may come back and continue to expand this list… been keeping a list on my phone.


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