gwen learns

honest hymns: february

Posted in Uncategorized by gwenlearns on March 3, 2015

January was about grief.  I ended this job that I’d been at for a year and a half… my first kitchen.  I know it’s not like losing a loved one, but I try to pay attention to quieter losses and acknowledge the subtler grief that follows.

February was about what’s next, and asking God all these questions… what my life is amounting to, where I’m headed, and what’s the better path…

Am I Waiting in a Line (<–click for song)

Am I waiting in a line / Or am I heading somewhere / Will this ticket just expire / Or can you make it something // What is a life well lived? / Is it bleeding hearts and hands in the mud? / Or just being faithful? // Am I waiting for the end? / Will this story matter?


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